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Re: Winch Thoughts
« Reply #30 on: December 19, 2017, 03:53:28 PM »
I have a smittybilt with synthetic.  Have used it a bunch because I wheel.  Running the 9500lb standard Smittybilt in my JKU.  Nothing wrong with Smitty and you save a ton of money.  In hindsight, I would go with the X20 and 10K capacity, but I will say this 9500 lb winch pulled me up Chewy in MOAB with the front wheels locked up.  Its plenty strong, trust me.  Can't beat that for less than $500. 

You should have a hi lift also, but please don't mount it outside as a show and tell and let it seize up.  Keep it inside under the seat or mount it when you wheel.  Otherwise, it won't work when you want it anyway.

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Re: Winch Thoughts
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Where have you been wheeling to use the winch so many times?  In Virginia?  Rausch in PA has some solid red trails, and I have done Potts Mountain a few times, but I don't know of any other places in Virginia, unless it is private land, that would require winching. i have used mine just a few times, so I'm always looking for new places!
Thanks, JP

I can attest that Rich has probably used his winch at least 100 times in 8 years, 200 hundred might be a stretch, but it would be close, I've been wheeling with him since 2009, and that whole time, At the Cove, and the old and new RCPFA properties before it was shutdown this October, wheeling at least once a month in the winter, and two or three times a month the rest of the year. Blacks and Reds, Plus lots of guidng new folks without winches on the other trails with RCPFA, and a few other places, so his winch is frequently used to pull other people out :D.
At one point at the old RCPFA property I think I did more winching than I did wheeling. I loved guiding the blue/black rides onto reds. LOL
I recall one ride at Big Dogs I sat at the top of a hill and must have winched 8-10 rigs up that hill. I think I probably have winched you John at least 100 times. LOL
And I know you've winched me quite a few times with your HF winch.
Lets not forget that I use my winches quite extensively at home too. I put tension on trees to fell them right where I want, pull down leaners (widow makers), pull the logs out of the woods, and hang them while cutting for firewood. Not to mention when I built my berm this summer I double winched logs into position holding them in place while I backfilled with dirt. Or moved rocks around the property with the winch that the tractor couldn't move. I can't even count how many times I've had to rescue my tractor or winched vehicles into or out of the garage. Of course add in another half dozen times I winched the T-cases out of the ChevYota and winched the new air compressor off the trailer and across the shop floor to its final resting place. And before opening up the driveway this past year I had to winch the buns end of the big trailer around so I could park it out of the way.
A 100 times at least just winching myself and believe me it has nothing to do with needing a spotter. I just like trying to put my rigs where they have no business going. LOL
I know you have used the hell out of your HF winches John. If not pulling yourself out, pulling out all those rigs that think they can follow you.
The HF 12000 winch is a POS but for the money you almost can't beat them and they have worked for me for a lot of years.

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Last count have 3 Jeeps. A CJ, TJ & a XJ.  Also got a Yota.
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Re: Winch Thoughts
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Unless you plan on doing a lot of solo driving or are heading for some big rocks where you cant get through with out it (head west young man) I think you will find that there are always lot of folks around who will almost fight each other for the chance to use their winch to pull you.  I have needed a winch for my rig just two or three times in the last 15 years while I have used straps and especially a high lift almost every weekend.  Everyone has a winch, let them carry all that weight.

Every one has a different look, purpose and use in mind for their rig so you should build it the way you want, just adding my thoughts.

Personally I find the High Lift Jack far far more useful.  Faster to deploy and its gentler on the rig to jack, stack/tug and go rather than to try and drag it up, over, out or off of the obstacle.  Logs are especially bad for being drug off of.  I have seen a Rubi skid set and support hardware trashed by being dragged over logs with stubs on them. 

A better gas tank skid
An oil pan-tranny skid
A pair of diff guards or diff covers
Raise your rear shock mounts (move uppers too if you can afford it)
Control arm bracket skids
Gusset the inner C's
Upgrade you axle shafts to chromo (37's are Big & Heavy)
There may be some JK specific things worth doing too.

Oh yeah, get a high lift Jack and some BIG tire chocks.

Preventing damage with proper protection is the best way to make sure your daily driver (read your rig post) is capable of driving the next day.  The winch does NOT contribute to this.

good luck and enjoy the build, its almost as fun as the driving.


John, thanks for the straight  forward approach.  Seems like most today are very into how much damage they can take and still get home. I have been and will continue to be one who  like to keep the metal and paint on the vehicle. I have a  Handymans Jack (AKA Hi Lift) rated at 7000# and  fashioned a mount  to my Smittybilt  tire carrier.  I will be heading west  to CO and UT maybe not thing coming  year but they are on the list of places to wheel so an electric winch will be on the must have list.  As to local, will be heading out with company until I learn some of the trail heads. after that  I can see  solo runs  which should be accompanied with common sense and a winch.

Skid plates are on the list of must haves. So far the little red Jeep is still at OEM height. I am hoping  next week  that will change by 4.5 inches.  I don't plan to drag my daily driver thru the rocks on a line but would use it to extract myself  when needed.
Thank for your input, I appreciated your approach to this question.

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Re: Winch Thoughts
« Reply #33 on: December 20, 2017, 07:24:53 AM »
Thank you all for sharing  your thoughts. A winch is on the list of things to get, but not right away.  Skid plates are  a bit closer to the top, however comma,

Pause  for effect.....

If I come across a deal.....


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Re: Winch Thoughts
« Reply #34 on: December 21, 2017, 12:03:25 AM »
Right on Zuke!  :cheers

Snow and ICE can make a 2 trail in the summer a 10 in the winter. That is the primary reason I mentioned the term "Winch Fest" above. The days when all you get done doing is spoolin the rope. They separate the junk from the good stuff: Batteries, Alternators, and Winches.

X2. X2. X2.  Could not agree more.

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