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TJ airbag light - intermittent


So, I've surfed the net and did a lot of reading on it before I just throw parts at it or disassemble the dash.  I am leaning towards it being the clock spring.  My '98 TJ is throwing the dash light "airbag" on and off, just kind of comes and goes.  My horn and cruise control that is on the steering wheel work perfectly even when the light is on.  All the internet comments would say if those two don't work then it is the clock spring.  I did have the dash apart/removed in the early summer to replace the evaporator and heater cores.  I did not remove or disconnect the steering shaft.  I've already unplugged/replugged the connector for the passenger airbag and had no change.  I've also banged on the dash and it has no change related to the gauge cluster connection plug - all other gauges work fine when the light is on.  So I'm wondering a few things:

1.  Does someone have access to a code reader for airbags (SRS) not to be confused with ABS?
2.  Can someone tell me where ALL of the connectors are located for the airbags in a '98 TJ?
3.  Any thoughts (or experience) on the clock spring being bad or how to test it (I guess it's in my book but haven't looked yet).
4.  Any other thoughts related to this?

Still doing it.  Any thoughts?  I'll probably pull the dash pieces off and look for the connectors and plug and re-plug them to see if it fixes it.  Then it will probably be clock spring.


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