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Lightbar Solution That Works!

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I know it is a little expensive (outside of the rubber dampners of course) but I thought I'd try this:

AeroLidz Universal 50 52 inch Wind Diffuser Clear Aerodynamic LED Light Bar Cover Noise Reducer

Let me tell you it WORKS! For the price ($130) this solves the whistle AND wind buffering.  Easy install and well worth the cost in my opinion of my (and my wife's) sanity.  Don't have any pictures yet but I have an aftermarket off-brand bar and this is a universal fit.  Comes standard as a 52" size but I'd guess you could trim it easy for a smaller bar. 

Hope to help out some fellow Jeepers!

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Personally I'd worry about anything that covers and encapsulates the cooling fins on the back of the light bar.  The diodes themselves don't produce a lot of heat, but all the electronics behind delivering a very static charge to the diode necessitates having an escape path for the heat.  The fins are the last step of that escape path, and it looks like this thing covers those fins...

Just for S&G's, why don't you try turning on the lightbar and leaving it on for an hour or two (as you would if you were running trails at night)?  See how hot things get as compared to running without the cover...


//Edit - it occurred to me just as I was hitting the submit button on this that maybe this cover is removable for use while on the trail?  Can't find anything in the product literature about how easy it is to remove/reinstall - Edit\\

Totally valid points Erik.  I thought about some of those issues too.  But I think the engineers considers some of those things and here is why:

The hard rigid plastic is a clam shell and doesn't completely close on the backside.  It is open with a slit the length of the plastic covering so it allows heat to escape. Also it isn't completely flush with the fins so air is able to circulate from the sides into and around the fins. The plastic cover holds from the front and top/bottom of the light bar.  So the back "hangs over" the fins but don't come into direct contact with them.  Additionally the sides of the plastic case are open allowing air to flow into the fins when moving.

As for removing I don't think it is possible without taking off the light from the brackets and sliding it on (how it is installed).

I'll do your suggestion and run the light in my garage to see how hot it gets and report back.

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If you canít take it off, what do you do for state inspection when it has to be covered so no light comes out?  Just wondering.

So I know the dude that makes these, they're legit.  It's open in the back and is removeable. 

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