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Mounting M8000 to stock 2018 JK Rubicon Recon


I'm trying to figure out what sort of mounting adapters/kits, if any, are required to install a Warn M8000s winch to the front of a stock JK Rubicon Recon.  There are two removable plates on the stock bumper, one on top and one on the front, but it's unclear if I need to acquire any additional parts for the install.  Anyone with experience on this one or recs on where I can look to figure it out?

You need to buy a winch mounting plate for it. It's the same bumper (as far as I'm aware) as on the 10th Anniversary (X) and the Hard Rock, so these should do.

Also, most people would recommend a 9.5k+ rated winch for a 4 door (I'll wait to see if the guys who wheel more than me disagree)

The 8k will work but it will be slow.

If you're going to use an 8k on a JKU, you should also carry a 'Snatch Block', D-ring, and Tree Saver.

Allowing you to run the winch line to an anchor and then back to the jeep. That will lower the stress on the winch a lot, though it will make the pulls even slower..

Many thanks for the feedback. 

Mounting - Any of the suggested mounting plates better than others?  Also, are there shops in NOVA that carry them?  I don't mind paying a few more bucks at a store vs. internet as I'm looking to ensure I get all required parts by Friday.

Other Items - We already have a few D-Rings and are planning to grab a snatch block.

Winch Performance - If our offroading experiences evolve into situations where the speed of the winch becomes a real issue, we'll likely just upgrade at that point.


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