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 :jw I have a quick question as i think I know the answer but wanted to see your opinions. I have a 2015 jku sport. Just installed a metal cloak 2.5 lift with front track bar, new brakes, gears, wheels and tires. I noticed at around 45MPH the steering wheel seemed to shake or wiggle back and forth. Not violently or abruptly, just a quick shake left and right. After about 50 it goes away, seems to only really happen at that one speed. Do my tires need to be re-balanced?

Did you get an alignment after installing the lift?


If you have a shimmy at the same speed every time, first thing to check is tire balance.

Tire balance issues usually occur at 30 or 60mph.  Also at 90mph. When they occur at 120mph its not a lot fun.

Double check and make sure everything is torqued to spec.   Especially the wheels.

Dave Apker


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